The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center helps people connect with the historic, cultural, and natural resources of the Northern Great Lakes Region through customer-based information, services, and educational programs.

“FOCAL is an equal opportunity provider, lender and employer.”

The NGLVC is a public space for occasional use by community organizations. It does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of events or meeting room users.

Limited Services- Covid-19 protocols in place. Details below.   

Our Goal
The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center's goal is to be a leader and partner in delivering regional education, information and tourism services.

Limited Services:

The David R. Obey Northern Great lakes Visitor Center is a federal, Forest Service-owned building, and a national COVID-19 workplace safety plan remains in effect. The plan requires all persons in USDA buildings to wear face masks, maintain physical distance, and take other public health measures as appropriate. This plan will remain in effect until January 15, 2022 when it will be reevaluated depending on the status of our Nation and the continued fight against COVID19. Limited services include a scaling back of visitor access to the center along with a pause on hosting indoor events and meetings. Outdoor events will follow the CDC recommendations for safe outdoor group activities. Exhibits, tower and art gallery will not be open. Trip planning information and restrooms will be readily available. 

Visitors will also be able to shop at the Spirit of the North store operated by The Friends of the Center and to the archives operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Access to the grounds remains unchanged and is encouraged.  

Our Vision
The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center will be a leader in advancing the sustainability of the region's cultural, historic, and natural resources through innovative partnerships that engage people and communities in positive change.

David R. Obey Northern Great Lakes

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9am-5pm Daily | 715.685.9983 | Free Admission | 29270 County Highway G, Ashland, WI 54806 | rooms@nglvc.org

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